Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Refashionista Day 3: Another "Instead" Project

Today's project by Suzannah from  Adventures in Dressmaking was indeed very cool. She took an underused skirt and transformed it into a pillow. Check out her tutorial. I didn't really need a pillow, but I did have a project I've been meaning to get to. So I'm refashioning along to the beat of my own drum again today. Thanks, Suzannah and Cheri of course, for the inspiration.

We bought a piano a while back and have great intentions for learning how to play it. We even have some piano books with simple songs and theory and whatnot to help us in our endeavor. We just had nowhere to put said books. Then I found that one of those milk boxes from Costco was actually just the right size to tuck under the piano and hold all our books. It just wasn't very pretty. Case in point:

So, I grabbed some fabric I'd bought a long time ago (oddly enough, I originally thought I'd make pillows out of it), some Heat'n'Bond, and my trusty iron and went to town. I like using Heat'n'Bond cuz it's easy, fast, and I get crisper results than I ever do with Mod Podge. I am just bad at gluing I guess. Anyway, here's the box now:

Here it is a little closer:

Much prettier, don't you think? Of course, when you start with a cardboard milk box it's not hard.

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