Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tie Onesie

I've been meaning to do this one for a while, and learning to use my new machine's applique stitch was just the motivation I needed. I used this tutorial from Crap I've Made to make an applique tie onesie for the wee guy. Here's the handsome model himself:

By the way, there is enough fabric in a charm square to complete this project. This project could also be done without sewing, if you trusted the iron-on stuff.

Nursing Cover

I used this tutorial from Sew Much Ado, modifying it just a bit, to make a cute nursing cover for my sister, who just had a baby girl. This was such an easy project, and one I hope my sis will get a lot of use out of.

What I did to modify it was just instead of cutting one 28" by 40" rectangle for the main part, I cut a 22" by 36" rectangle and added a 6" by 36" rectangle along the bottom. (Why 36"? Well, because I only bought one yard of fabric and that's how long the longest part of the fabric was - gotta go with what you got.) I then sewed a piece of coordinating trim on the seam. Easy peasy.

Notebook and Crayon Roll

I love looking at tutorials online. I love that people take the time and go to the effort to not only think up something crafty, but also to painstakingly outline how to do it for others. I usually just look at these tutorials and say "Hmm, someday I gotta try that." But I'm trying to get past the planning and on to the doing.
Luckily for me this goal fits in well with one of the resolutions I made at the new year - to remember birthdays. So, fortunately or unfortunately depending on personal opinions of homemade gifts, friends and family will have their birthdays remembered with my crafty explorations.
First up, my lovely niece turned 5 this year, and it turns out she has a love of art and drawing, so I thought it would be a perfect time to try these two tutorials:

CraftyPod's super simple way to cover a composition book

Skip to My Lou's crayon roll tutorial

And here's how I did:

I heard that the gift went over well, so I think it was a success. Yay for simple projects!

I also tried my hand at felt food. This was not as easy, and while I don't think the end result was all that spectacular, the birthday girl enjoyed it, so that's all that matters.