Monday, November 1, 2010

Refashionista Day 1: Fun with Disney

I was excited to see that Disney from Ruffles and Stuff would kick off the Refashionista Event at I Am Momma. I love her blog and adore her style. I've been meaning to try one of her projects for forever... well, actually I did one - I made a version of her Birds on a Wire that is admired all the time by visitors to my home. I can't claim the credit for the creativity, but at least the sticks came from my yard. :) Anyway, I've never tried one of her clothing refashions - until now!

I'm not usually a scarf girl*, but I loved the unique look of the one that Disney created. I've got a soft spot for buttons . . . and pockets. Anyway, I was very tempted to run out to Dollar Tree and see if I could grab the same scarves she used and just make a duplicate. But then I decided that since refashioning is all about using what you have and making something great out of just regular old something, I decided to shuffle through my scraps. I found some fleece and some felt and ta da! Here's what I came up with:

I thought it turned out pretty cute. Sorry for the not so great picture - it's ten o'clock at night after all, and we don't have the best lighting in the craft room. Maybe I'll get some pictures of me wearing it tomorrow. We'll see.

Anyway, so looking forward to seeing what else comes up in this Refashionista event. Maybe this is just the thing I needed to take me from dreaming/planning to doing.

*I feel an urge to explain, for some reason: I love scarves in theory. They keep your neck warm, but they're removable for when your neck gets too hot. Versatile. But, for some reason I never seem to want to wear one. I think this one may change that. :) Happy.

And a side note: as I was finishing up, my husband turned from his Civilization game and asked, "So what are you doing anyway?" After I explained and showed him my cute scarf, he said, "Oh great! That'll help me with my whole Peter Bishop look." If any of you are Fringe watchers, maybe you'll have the same giggle that we shared over that. Peter Bishop - always seems to be wearing a scarf  and always seems to have his hands in his pockets. This look would totally simplify things for him. But, while I think my version is possibly manly enough, this baby is totally mine. Sorry, Husby.

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  1. Oh my goodess! You already whipped one out? Wow! Great job and thanks for sharing this with us! So cute!